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Hey there – we’re Arjuna and Covertgoblue! Thanks for joining us on the show. It’s awesome to have you here.

Arena Craft is a weekly podcast dedicated exclusively to Magic: The Gathering Arena. 

We discuss weekly metas, strategies, the latest decks, and notable news in the community. We go over how to get the most out of the Arena client, including tips and tricks you might not have been aware of, cover maximizing the in-game economy, and talk about current game modes and special features. Periodically we feature interviews with grinders, streamers, pro players, and anyone dedicated to the game to grow our understanding of what’s working.

Interested in appearing on the show? Reach out to arenacraftpod@gmail.com.

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About Arjuna


I’ve been playing Magic since 1994. This podcast is the joining of my love of Magic with my love of podcasting.

Arena Craft was an inevitability, but it’s not my first gaming podcast. I got my start with the Winner Winner podcast devoted to PUBG. After running that for a year, I handed it over to the community, and it has been thriving ever since!

I got back into Magic seriously after a long hiatus from the game with the release of Shadows Over Innistrad, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I look forward to exploring the metagame with you, and as always, thanks for listening!

About Covertgoblue

After 23 years of playing Magic, CovertGoBlue (call him CGB) still has a lot to say about the Standard format. After being introduced to MTG in Boy Scout camp at the age of 13, CGB played his first major competitive event in Pro Tour 1, New York, 1996. Ever since, he has altered between being a competitor and being a fan and spectator of the competitive scene. CGB also coaches women’s roller derby and recently got into coaching Magic, helping MTGNerdGirl achieve a top 16 performance at the Mythic Invitational.

Find Covertgoblue’s content primarily on his YouTube channel. He also streams weekly on his Twitch channel.