Standard 2022 Metagame Deep Dive

This week Crafties, we're doing deep on Standard 2022. We come up with a tier list for the format, and go into detail about builds and matchups you need to be thinking about. Arjuna goes into detail about his Simic Summoner list that he is convinced is tier 1. Covertgoblue discusses the best build of his Blood Money deck. This episode is a must-listen for anyone wanting to have a competitive grasp of the format.

Arjuna's updated Simic Summoner list

Covertgoblue's original Blood Money

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One Reply to “Standard 2022 Metagame Deep Dive”

  1. I played both of the decks you discussed in the all-access midweek magic event. They were both very successful, though I must say that I prefer Arjuna’s Simic Summoner deck. It’s not that Blood Money wasn’t fun, more that I hate Kaya and her stupid hairstyle. I much prefer looking at cool monsters to edgy humans with glowing knives. I’m seriously considering using my saved wildcards to craft the Simic Summoner deck. After all, many of the cards have great utility in other decks. Cheers to Arjuna for making such a fun deck to play and thank you both for all of your insights to the game.

    And I hope CGB’s electricity and Internet get sorted out soon!

    Matt from South Carolina

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