Standard 2022 Week 1 Metagame Review

It's here – the much anticipated update from Arjuna and Covertgoblue on the Standard 2022 Week 1 Metagame and how the new AFR cards are holding up! This week we discuss the pillars of this new format so far in the form of Mono Green, Izzet Dragons, the various builds of Mono White, Dimir Control, Rakdos Tresure lists, and some spicy other includes. This queue is AWESOME and very fresh at the moment, so be sure to get in on it before it becomes boring and stale.

Arjuna's decklists:

Simic Ramp

Mono Green

Mono White

Covertgoblue's decklists:

Mono White

Mono Green

Dimir Control

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This show features the track 'Cascade' by Kubbi which is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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