The AFR Complete Set Review!

It’s finally here – Covertgoblue and Arjuna’s complete set review for DND: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms! This time we’re trying something different, going into archetypes and splitting the cards into categories we think will be most relevant. We also wanted to shorten our typical 10-12 hour sprawling set review to just the cards we think are relevant or likely to show up. Let us know what you think!

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This show features the track ‘Cascade’ by Kubbi which is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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One Reply to “The AFR Complete Set Review!”

  1. I am loving Rakdos in S22. Has answers for basically everything. Goldspan is great, of course. Orcus provides options. Immerstrum Predator performing well. And I’m getting consistent opportunities to get Tibalt on the board and actually do his thing. Great top-end.

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