Strixhaven Week 1 – Standard & Historic

It’s here – after all those spoilers, we (and probably you) have had a chance to get our hands on the new cards! Covertgoblue has been going hard in Standard BO1 to see what’s happening there. Arjuna has been exclusively playing Historic BO3, so between the two of us, we can give an overview of Arena’s two main formats and how the new set has impacted them. Spoiler alert: new cards are having more impact on Standard than we thought. Not spoiling anything alert: the Mystical Archive is just as busted as advertised and his instantly changed the face of Historic. We’re excited to get to play new formats and we’ll keep giving you the hot updates as they come.

ALSO, you can now WATCH US TALKING in our new video incarnation of the podcast! This is an exciting new step forward for the podcast, and yet another way you can engage with the content on a platform you love. We’re trying it out by hosting it on Covertgoblue’s channel, so go there to check it out.


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