Strixhaven Spoilers 7 – Standard – Decisive Denial Is Sweet

Strixhaven returns for more spoilers, and lo and behold, we have some playable-ish Simic cards! (Who’s surprised?) Decisive Denial is one of the better cards we’ve seen so far, and a very versatile answer / counterspell. Could it be that 2-mana instants with options are good cards? It’s a ray of hope in the otherwise rather dense Memehaven.

We’ll have another 2 podcasts releasing this week with the remainder of the cards. Also, check us out on Wednesday as we’ll both be streaming in the STX Early Access event!

ALSO, you can now WATCH US TALKING and see the card images in our new video incarnation of the podcast! This is an exciting new step forward for the podcast, and yet another way you can engage with the content on a platform you love. We’re trying it out by hosting it on Covertgoblue’s channel, so go there to check it out. Apologies if it’s not up there at the time of release — we’re working out a system, so if it’s not there now, check back soon.


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