Covertgoblue Hits Mythic #1 & Historic Anthology 4

Two exciting things happened this week!

Firstly, resident BO1 expert Covertgoblue finally reached his dream of hitting #1 Mythic on the ladder. No small feat, no matter what part of the season and which deck you play. He sensed he had an opportunity, he ground for it, and sure enough, it was his for the taking. Hear him discuss the meta, his decision making, and how he managed to finally get there.

Then, of course, came the announcement of Historic Anthology 4, the next injection of new cards into Historic. Although some interesting cards are included (Death’s Shadow, Blinkmoth Nexus, Thraben Inspector, Inspiring Statuary, to name some), the majority of it reads like leftovers from recent Remastered sets, as well as some flagrantly unplayable cards from Magic’s past. Overall, we have NO IDEA why this particular subset of cards was chosen, but here we are, and it’s set to release March 11th. Take it or leave it.

CGB’s #1 Mythic Decklist – Mono White Lifegain

Wizards’ Historic Anthology 4 Announcement


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