Temur Turns & More New Standard Decks with DanyTLaw

Arena Craft continues another proud tradition by welcoming DanyTLaw back to the show! Dany’s always plugged in to the Standard meta, especially at the beginning of a format, so we thought it was high time to get him back on the show. We discuss recent developments in the format such as Temur Taking Turns, Naya and Selesnya Toski builds, Naya and Showdown decks in general, and a lot of other meta stuff. It’s a juicy episode, and you even get to learn Dany’s middle name!


Some decklists from the show:

Chris Botelho’s Temur Turns List

New Naya Adventures by Eli Kassis

DanyTLaw’s Simic Mutate, Kaldheim Edition

Wet Gruul by DanyTLaw

Naya Squirrel by Crokeyz

Bant Aggro Toski by DanyTLaw

Arjuna’s Selesnya Squirrel

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This show features the track ‘Cascade’ by Kubbi which is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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