STRIXHAVEN Spoilers (Somehow) and Standard Gas or Ass

Strixhaven swooped in and surprised us this past week – literally nobody was expecting to see material for the next set yet. Oh well, go where the content takes you! We discuss the five Colleges of Strixhaven: Quandrix, Witherbloom, Silverquill, Prismari and Lorehold. They each have a rare command card that gives us clues as to the play patterns and themes of the color combo. They will also be releasing a Mystical Archive with the set, which will contain 63 cards from across the history of magic, all of which will be playable in limited, and some of which will be playable in Historic. We’ll look forward to seeing more of those as well.

Also, we do a quick Gas or Ass segment on 20 cards from Kaldheim and how they are performing in Standard. Some are doing better than expected, some much, much worse. We’ll give you a finger on the pulse of how things are shaping up and what you should be playing (and avoiding).


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