What MTG Arena Needs In 2021

Happy (almost) New Year! This episode is focused on the changes we would like to see in the Arena client this year. After an initial launch, development on the game has apparently stalled, outside of new sets being released. This week, CGB and Arjuna talk about the many long overdue additions this game is begging for.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration, and we’ll look forward to bringing you more content in 2021.

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This show features the track ‘Cascade’ by Kubbi which is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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4 Replies to “What MTG Arena Needs In 2021”

  1. To be positive, there is much experience shared on this podcast and I do appreciate it. How could you not address the shuffler and the large amounts of people who have rather critical opinions on it? Again, why not mention at least at #2, THE SHUFFLER!? Disappointed and I think several would agree. Sort of reminds me of how people are with politics. Then again, maybe the podcast needs to be in line with corporate sponsors…not cool.

    1. No corporate sponsors here. I genuinely don’t think either of us hosts views the shuffler as broken or needing fixed.

  2. Hey guys just wanted to know where to find this awesome new intro and outro music sheets. Love you and your work and congrats at “escaping” brokenness cgb. Cheers

    You also stole 1 year of my lifetime so far. Hope you are proud to send this innocent child of mine on this slavery. 😉

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