First Kaldheim Previews Are Here

We didn’t expect it, we weren’t ready, some question whether we were worthy – but regardless, it happened: we got some Kaldheim previews to look at! While most of them look like theme deck cards that likely won’t show up in either Standard or Limited, we did get some constructed players. And examining the dump gives us clues as to the themes we can look forward to in this set. Giant, Angel, Dwarf and Elf tribal seem to be approaching, along with equipment-and-vehicle-tribal. Double-faced cards (“DFCs”) are returning as well, with the welcome addition of the last four pathways we were missing from ZNR. We also debut a new segment to our show, Lightning Round, where we answer a listener question each week, hopefully in an expedient manner.

Find Kaldheim Previews here

It is a holiday week, so Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and / or enjoy the week of December 21st! We appreciate each and every one of our listeners and community participants.

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