DanyTLaw Weighs In On The Elemental In the Room

So. Much. To. Talk. About. This. Week! We have a week of Zendikar Rising Standard under our belts, and it has been very revealing… of how busted these Omnath decks are. Neither aggro nor control has been definitely able to keep them down, and midrange is a laughable joke by comparison. We discuss the different angles we and others have been taking to attack this deck: Monogreen Aggro by Rumti. Gruul Adventure by Jason Fleurant. Azorius and Dimir Control by Covertgoblue and DanyTLaw. The announcement of an announcement didn’t help any, leading us to speculate which cards will get banned on Monday. We were all pretty sure an Uro ban was incoming, but we didn’t think that alone would be enough to correct the format… we shall see, we shall see.

Find DanyTLaw on his Twitch stream and YouTube channel. Listen to his podcast with Jason Fleurant and Seth Manfield, Planeswalker Diaries.

Rumti’s Monogreen Aggro List

Jason Fleurant’s Gruul Adventure List

Covertgoblue’s Dimir Control List

Covertgoblue’s Azorius Control List

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This show features the track ‘Real Virtuality’ from Eero Johannes released on the Sound Pellegrino label and is used with permission.