Zendikar Rising Spoilers 4 – Roiling Regrowth May Get Banned

Zendikar Rising spoilers continue! We have the whole set now, and Covertgoblue and Arjuna continue their trek into the set and the possibilities it provides for us. Some fun notables in this episode – we go through many of the cards you may want to cast in Standard with Seagate Stormcaller, another controversial card in the set. Feed the Swarm is a card that has been creating a lot of controversy with its potentially color-pie-breaking design. And Arjuna gives a hot take that Roiling Regrowth has the potential to be the next Growth Spiral in Standard… will it be banned someday?!

Catch both of us streaming the ZNR Early Access event Wednesday, 9/16/20. We’ll be using stocked accounts courtesy of Wizards of the Coast and are very grateful for their sponsorship. Watch Covertgoblue’s stream here, and Arjuna’s stream here!

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This show features the track ‘Real Virtuality’ from Eero Johannes released on the Sound Pellegrino label and is used with permission.