Early Christmas AKA The Best Bans Ever!

We’re speechless! They did it! They actually banned (most of) the cards everyone’s been complaining about in newer-than-Modern formats, and this is 100% going to shake up every Arena format. Arjuna and Covertgoblue convene to give our take on the bans, what they mean for the format, the cards that got a boost or a nerf as a result, and the decks you should be thinking about playing moving forward (hint: Expansion / Explosion shouldn’t be in them). Enjoy the analysis, the soapboxing and the bile, but most of the all the pure, unmitigated joy, as we unpack these bans.

Read the full banned and restricted announcement here.

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This show features the track ‘Real Virtuality’ from Eero Johannes released on the Sound Pellegrino label and is used with permission.

One Reply to “Early Christmas AKA The Best Bans Ever!”

  1. re: 56:00 I got to Mythic 98% with RWUB Superfriends deck (4x both Narsets, 4x Teferi, 3x Karn, 1x Bolas, Big Liliana, Sarkhan + the usual control stuff like Clarions, ECDs and Keruga as companion) and it felt like I was overpowering pretty much anything most of the time. I guess it would not be as good in Bo2, but for Bo1 it felt like the best deck around.

    Not sure it will by good enough without Teferi though, it was pretty substantial against aggro as well as against those pesky flash decks.

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