Growth Spiral Beats Krasis and Other Standard Updates

This week, we have a grab bag of topics to discuss related to Standard. Not many new developments in the format, except that Mono Green’s rise to Tier 1 has been confirmed (with much gloating from Arjuna). We take a deep dive into what comparing Growth Spiral with Hydroid Krasis teaches us about Magic and what’s good in Standard right now. Also up for discussion is the weakness of Red’s offerings in M21, adding basically no relevant cards to the Standard format whatsoever. Finally, we wrap it up with another Gas or Ass segment checking in on various M21 cards and how they’ve held up so far.

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This show features the track ‘Real Virtuality’ from Eero Johannes released on the Sound Pellegrino label and is used with permission.

One Reply to “Growth Spiral Beats Krasis and Other Standard Updates”

  1. Growth Spiral is not a good ramp card in this deck. It is really bad if you don t have the extra land and the deck doesn t really need the extra card draw. You already have Hydroid Krasis, Chemister s Insight and Mass Manipulation for card advantage. Growth Spiral makes sense in a Wilderness Reclamation deck where you play everything at instant speed and don’t want mana creatures to turn on your opponent s otherwise-useless removal, but here the uncertainty makes it hard to play when you just don t know what you re getting half of the time. You absolutely need to make sure you get the ramp effect out of your card, so I d rather play the creature. Sure, mana dorks have the downside of being vulnerable to removal, but you are already playing so many of them that you can t avoid this anyway. And they have huge upside in pressuring planeswalkers, which seems very important in this format.

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