M21 Spoilers: Is Basri Ket The Aggro Enabler We Need?

Covertgoblue and Arjuna are feeling ambitious this week – we’re going into detail on every card that might make an impact on Standard from M21. This is 1 out of 3 episodes we’ll be releasing this week, so stay tuned for the next two!

One of the highlights this week is Basri Ket, our new 3 mana aggressively-slanted Planeswalker. This might be enough to get a low-curve aggro archetype back to the top of the format. We discuss the ins and outs, and touch on some other spoiled cards that synergize well with it.

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This show features the track ‘Real Virtuality’ from Eero Johannes released on the Sound Pellegrino label and is used with permission.