Ep. 17 – Why Standard sucks and what to do about it with Danny West

If you’re like many lately, you’re pretty tired of Standard. The ladder has been a brutal grind, with the challenge of finding a deck that consistently goes above 50% feeling nigh impossible outside of the most streamlined meta decks. Most of us are probably ready to see Ikoria shake up Standard… but before we get there, we have to play for another few weeks at least. Here’s where Danny West comes in to help us make sense of the meta and what to do about it. We go into what we’re seeing in the meta, reflect on the design trends in Magic of late, discuss specific archetypes we’re seeing in the format, and give our takes on what we think is competitive right now.

As a jumping-off point for this episode, we refer to the Top 8 Decklists from the MagicFest Online weekly championship. Click here to check out those lists.

Danny West stays away from social media for the most part, but you can find him and his unique articles at coolstuffinc.com and also sometimes on Twitch.

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This show features the track ‘Real Virtuality’ from Eero Johannes released on the Sound Pellegrino label and is used with permission.