Ep. 10 – Worlds Metagame Analysis

The largest Magic tournament of all time has just concluded, and so it’s time to commence the analysis! In this episode I go over all the archetypes we saw in the tournament, discuss what worked and what didn’t, compare some different builds of the same decks, and in general dive deep into the guts of what is likely to be the shape of the Standard meta moving forward. I go into some of the breakout cards this weekend, some of the dissapointments, and the cards and decks that were conspicuously absent. It’s a great time to be playing magic!

Decklists and pre-tournament analysis:

A quick summary:

– Covered all the major archetypes at the tournament, card choices, differences of opinion in how to build the decks, and some key play choices that I thought were unexpected and relevant

– Discussed some of the breakout cards at the tournament: Anax, Hardened in the Forge; Robber of the Rich; Archon of Sun’s Grace. Also discussed older cards we already knew were good that overperformed this weekend: Teferi, Narset, Torbran, the Cavaliers

– Decks that were absent: Simic Ramp, Mono Black, Mono White Aggro / Lifegain

– Cards that were absent: Phoenix of Ash; Thassa, Deep Dwelling; Agent of Treachery; only 1 Dream Trawler in the Czech House’s 75 of Azorius Control


0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Worlds metagame overview, thoughts on what it means for Standard
7:55 – Azorius Control
23:13 – Jeskai Fires
35:23 – Mono Red / RDW
45:25 – Temur Reclamation
51:15 – Jund Food
53:40 – Decks missing: Simic Ramp, Mono Black, Mono White Aggro / Lifegain

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This show features the track ‘Real Virtuality’ from Eero Johannes released on the Sound Pellegrino label and is used with permission.