Ep. 9 – Winning THB Draft with Card Clusters

This week, we’ll be exploring how to navigate Theros Beyond Death draft by looking out for “card clusters,” key sets of cards that synergize well and which can be dropped into many different successful decks in the format. Recognizing and memorizing card clusters can help take some of the work out of building optimal limited decks, letting you put more of your focus into the key picks that really matter. This episode shows you some of the key heuristics for recognizing card clusters, and then outlines some of the most prominent examples I’ve identified in the format. We’ll also go over how to build around some of the most powerful rares in the format, as well as identifying a card draw combo only limited by the size of your graveyard!

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This show features the track ‘Real Virtuality’ from Eero Johannes released on the Sound Pellegrino label and is used with permission.